Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

de fin de año Bracelets

Material : kain batik, chain,starfish charm.

Material : chain,suede string,charms and glass beads

Rp. 50.000
Material : Glass balls,glass beads,natural stone and cloisonne bead

 Naranja Pearls
Rp. 65.000
Material :water pearls,crystals,shells bead, chain

La Roca Verde
Rp. 60.000
material : glass beads and chain

For order, email to :
or send me a short text to : +6581808893967

This year it's about to end ... let's celebrate for what you've achieve and writing down the new Plan .. new Wishlist... new Target

make all failures as the best teacher ... rise up ... stand up ...

Spread our ARMS for new season... new chances ... new spirit ...

just make sure you wear the right bracelet for it !!!


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HelloMalicka mengatakan...

kereeennn..cantik2 deh mba awie..sukaaaa semua :)

fillyawie mengatakan...

dear Malicka ... terima kasih banyak : ) #bighugs

Hany Von Gillern mengatakan...

Cantik-cantik gelangnya, pinter banget ya Awie bikin perhiasan :)

fillyawie mengatakan...

@mba Hany ... terimakasih ya : ).Aku nggak pinter bgt qo mba... masih belajar mba he he he

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