Senin, 22 November 2010

Simple clay with sthyntetic pearl Necklace

The Grey Flower

The broken white flower

Another Crocheting Project

Made by Request

Every crocheting flower has 7x7 diameter (it large alreay) so the entire dimeter of the necklace is 19x10cm.Each flower buds were filled with vary beads such as pearl,sand beads,acrilic,crystals bead.So you we see the different.

I made it with high details and carefully stitched to 2 kind of fabrics as back side cover.

Please enjoy..

Crocheting Brooch tutorial

Here are the How to make crocheting tutorial.
Frist we need to collect the tools and the material.
1.Crocheting Flower Diameter 5x5
2.Thread and needle scissors
3.Beads (Various kind of beads)

 1st put pearl with diameter 8mm inthe center of the crocheting flower stitched with thread

 fill the surrounding with 2mm acrilyc beads 

 after the surrounding complete filled don't forget to finish the stitch at the backside of the crocheting flower
 before we put the pin better we glue/stitch felt at the backside of the crocheting, so it could make the brooch look more pretty
 You can make like this one too... : )

Kamis, 04 November 2010

Crocheting Brooch

For many of you maybe crocheting brooch might be something that usual to made.I've made a few of them also customized.soon I will up load crocheting brooch tutorial.just wait and see.

Here are a few of my crocheting brooch hand made with full of love for my customer.

Crocheting Necklace

A month ago my friend asking me to made crocheting necklace for her.She gave a full trust on me to made a special design,something that I haven't made before in my collection.and a month later I delivered the necklace to her, she gave me the best credit by smiling and telling me how love she is with my design.

This necklace were made in quite long process and truly demand a very high details.
Hope you'll enjoy it.
I would very exciting to made another crocheting necklace by order.

Rabu, 03 November 2010

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