Kamis, 04 November 2010

Crocheting Necklace

A month ago my friend asking me to made crocheting necklace for her.She gave a full trust on me to made a special design,something that I haven't made before in my collection.and a month later I delivered the necklace to her, she gave me the best credit by smiling and telling me how love she is with my design.

This necklace were made in quite long process and truly demand a very high details.
Hope you'll enjoy it.
I would very exciting to made another crocheting necklace by order.

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Heni Prasetyorini mengatakan...

lagi pengenbikin seperti ini :))

fillyawie mengatakan...

ayo bikin mba... itu aq bikinnya 2 minggu mba. pegel crochet ama ngisi manik2nya.tapi kalau udah jadi keren bgt kalau di pake ... : )
hand made bgt deh...

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