Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Versatile Accessory

SOLD - Versatile Rubber Necklace
Consist of two round rubber necklace with each diameter : 113cm

This accessory has multiply function
we could use it as a necklace, head accessory or bracelet.

Material : China crystal, rhinestone and rubber string.

Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

Crochet Brooches with Style

 On shoulder

 Inserted on ear

Gather on shoulder


Because I am a Muslim and wearing hijab. I use to wear those brooches with my veil. Just put those brooches everywhere you want, just Do it with style!

Single Crochet Brooches

Single crochet brooches 
Material : cotton thread,brooch and synthetic beads

Gather together

Diameter Brooch : 7cm

Diameter Brooch : 7cm

Diameter Brooch : 5cm

Diameter Brooch : 5 cm

For Remade order please sent an email to : nurcahya_dewi@yahoo.com
Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Gris Pin for Hijab


Material : nickel pin,shell bead,cystal bead,synthetic beads, simple brass and silver ornament

Snaps on Pesta Rakyat Tangerang

IV People's party, Tangerang FAIR 2011
December 1st-4th 2011

This People Party was a public event. This event were held in order to celebrate the Anniversary of South Tangerang City.  And this year is the 4th anniversary. The youngest city in the province of Banten.

Fillyawie were asked to participate the party, by opening a small table on The Northern District of the Serpong City booth. Actually it was an incidental request, so we were joined this without significant preparation. Let's see who was there and how we celebrated our beloved Town Anniversary.

 Norther Distric of Serpong City and PNPM booth

 Fillyawie's were there and  ' Bu Irma ' the Marketing Divison : )

  Our neighbor Booth, Sell handicrafted a work's from the Pkk association 
The Atmosphere

 Batik Ratu sejagad booth,  crowded with customer

Another Batik booth, so many fashionable and colorful batik Fashion booth

Crea batik Booth

Meat balls 'jembangan solo', actually it taste yummy and delicious : )

Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

de fin de año Bracelets

Material : kain batik, chain,starfish charm.

Material : chain,suede string,charms and glass beads

Rp. 50.000
Material : Glass balls,glass beads,natural stone and cloisonne bead

 Naranja Pearls
Rp. 65.000
Material :water pearls,crystals,shells bead, chain

La Roca Verde
Rp. 60.000
material : glass beads and chain

For order, email to : nurcahya_dewi@yahoo.com
or send me a short text to : +6581808893967

This year it's about to end ... let's celebrate for what you've achieve and writing down the new Plan .. new Wishlist... new Target

make all failures as the best teacher ... rise up ... stand up ...

Spread our ARMS for new season... new chances ... new spirit ...

just make sure you wear the right bracelet for it !!!


Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Violet Earclips

Material : silk chiffon, cat eye stone, clips and chains


Material : synthetic pearls beads, crystal,simple brass, polymer clay and chain

Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Maroon Rose Necklace


Material : synthetic doff color beads,simple brass, polymer clay and gold color eye pin

Simple Brooches designed by request

The Logo

Those brooches were made by request. My online friend asked me to design a simple brooch based on Company logo.
I put lot's of effort to gain my customer expectation. Thanks GOD, HE sent me this idea. and my design were approved by them.

Selasa, 22 November 2011


This were our new collection, we design earrings for those who wear hijab or anyone who's just already falling for earrings. we create an earrings using silk chiffon fabric, cotton bali thread and other stuff.
We listen to our customer expectation, so we could create a much more diverse collection.
Thank you ... dear customers

leurs violettes - Ear clips

leurs violettes - Ear clips

Handmade using clips,chiffon silk fabric,cat-eye natural stone and chain

fil noir - Earrings

fil noir - Earrings

Handmade using ear hook, cat-eye natural stone,cotton bali thread

simple chaîne - Earrings

simple chaîne - Earrings

Hand made using = ear hook, chain, charms and cat-eye natural stone

For order : nurcahya_dewi@yahoo.com
or text me : 081808893967

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