Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Snaps on Pesta Rakyat Tangerang

IV People's party, Tangerang FAIR 2011
December 1st-4th 2011

This People Party was a public event. This event were held in order to celebrate the Anniversary of South Tangerang City.  And this year is the 4th anniversary. The youngest city in the province of Banten.

Fillyawie were asked to participate the party, by opening a small table on The Northern District of the Serpong City booth. Actually it was an incidental request, so we were joined this without significant preparation. Let's see who was there and how we celebrated our beloved Town Anniversary.

 Norther Distric of Serpong City and PNPM booth

 Fillyawie's were there and  ' Bu Irma ' the Marketing Divison : )

  Our neighbor Booth, Sell handicrafted a work's from the Pkk association 
The Atmosphere

 Batik Ratu sejagad booth,  crowded with customer

Another Batik booth, so many fashionable and colorful batik Fashion booth

Crea batik Booth

Meat balls 'jembangan solo', actually it taste yummy and delicious : )

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