Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Versatile Accessory

SOLD - Versatile Rubber Necklace
Consist of two round rubber necklace with each diameter : 113cm

This accessory has multiply function
we could use it as a necklace, head accessory or bracelet.

Material : China crystal, rhinestone and rubber string.

4 komentar on "Versatile Accessory"
  1. Crystal is always gorgeous ya Wie... terutama yg merah tuh.. I really like those...

  2. Yang merah rhinestone itu memang bling2 ya mba. Bikin tambah rame jadinya : )

  3. Mba @Hany Von Gillern , terimakasih mba. senangnya di puji para jagoan handicrafted : )


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