Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

Rose Violace Rosette Belt/Necklace/Head Accessory

This cute accessory is multy function kind. You could worn it as a belt or necklace at the other time.
Each flower were handcrafted in silk chiffon and hycon fabrics. Embellished with natural stones and beads. Such as cat eye's stone, crystal and metal beads were manually stitched to the back of the flower. the flower arrangement connected to the chain with approximately length 92cmx1cm (could be more, by request)

Diameter : flower arrangements : 15 cm X 6cm, Belth length : 92cm

For order please sent us an e-mail to : nurcahya_dewi@yahoo.com
We also could made a custom design (by request)
Customize only for you

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yenni 'yendoel' mengatakan...

hallo, salam kenal.
balasnya di sini aja ya.
gw gak pernah coba kalo langsung masak dg api. habisnya resep turunan dari nyokap. mungkin dg alasan takut "pecah santan."
dicoba aja. tapi apinya kudu kecil. mungkin sebenarnya bisa juga.

Hany Von Gillern mengatakan...

Cantik rosettenya Filly

fillyawie mengatakan...

@Mba Hany, he he thank you so much : )

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