Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Friend of Fillyawie " Ibu Nunung and Ibu Isnawati"

Dearest Friend

Let me introduce my new friends, her name Ibu Nunung  and Bu Isnawati both of them were  42th years old. a fully house wife and a mother is their main job, other than that they were also active in joined a lot of activity in her Village as a cadre.

A few weeks after joining my class both of my new friend were trying to designed their own accessories,a special one were designed by Bu nunung for her twin daughter and by Bu Is was made for her self.

Lets found out ...


there is two similar necklace was made by bu nunung for her twins but unfortunately I forgot to take the picture of the other one.

Bu Nunung

Pin-brooch design by Bu Is

awesome isn't it?

Bu Is 

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