Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Kelas Aksesories Gelombang VI dan VII

 After getting acquainted with  many friends at the  morning class, now we are acquaintances with the participant on class of 6th and 7th, which consists of 50 people. This class started in the afternoon and finished at the evening. This programme were intended for Women Cadre's of the Paku Alam Village, but at the other side the Village Staff also giving an opportunity for the house wife and teenagers who live around the villages to joined the class.

For me personally is  such a wonderful and valuable experience, can be met with a those inspiring people. we try to Inspiring and sharing each other with myriad experience and stories. I indeed appreciated the enthusiasm and spirit that were shown by the participant at every day during the training.

Well... let me introduce those wonderful women to all of you ...

Group I (noon)

Group II (noon)

Group III (noon)

Group IV (noon)

Group V (noon)

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