Kamis, 07 November 2013

Fillyawie's DIY KIT At Pendopo Mall Alam Sutra Tangerang

Dear Friends and reader,

I would like to inform all of you that NOW, Fillyawie's DIY KIT available on Pendopo Mall Alam Sutra Tangerang. For all of you who live around Tangerang selatan or just walking around on Alam Sutra Mall, you can learn how to make handmade jewelry at Pendopo.

We provide 16 accessory projects, 10 of them are for KIDs and 6 project are made for teenager-adults. So if you ( mom or aunt) who want to learn about handmade accessory project, don't forget to take your kids to join the workshop.Girls or Boys children are allowed, because we provide DIY Kit for both gender : )

How and Why? before I answer that question, let me explain what is DIY handmade jewelry kits?

DIY kit is the method of building/making an accessory project with all the material that we provide without the aid of experts. the more simple meaning is we are providing kit that contain a project accessory include  all the material that you need and the details instruction in picture (copy in b/w) so you can build/make the project by your self at the store or home.

How to get this DIY kit? Just come to Pendopo-Alam Sutra ask the shopkeeper to show you Fillyawie DIY kit both. Purchase the kit and build it at the store, if you have difficulties just ask the shopkeeper to help you build the projects.

Why made this DIY kits? in order to build crafting society or just creating new hobby for all people. I decide to sell the kits for project accessory, so people will be able to creating their own handmade jewelry and it will be more easy if your got the material comes along with the tutorial.

Because Being creative is thrifty.

find our both near with the entrance at PENDOPO Workshop Room

The workshop room creating a creative yet cozy ambience for the customer

 The shopkeeper that will help you in building all the creative project at Workshop room PENDOPO

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