Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Goldy Violet Brooch

Hi Friends,

It's been so long, I was neglecting my blog (-__ -) ... something good's and bad's were happen in this early year. Something that need my biggest priority. But I'm come back again, as always ... to compensate all my guilt's, I've made a promise to my self. That this year I will write a lot, perhaps will making much more new tutorial, trying a new stuff and many more stuff  to do on my list.

I've realize that, I haven't made a brooch for too long. Make hand made brooch using wire and other stuff, was too much fun to be abandoned.

I made this brooch using 0,4mm silver wire, an oval violet stone, many type of natural stone and crystal, for the leaf  bead I was used an acrylic beads.

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