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November 03, 2010 fillyawie 0 Comments

Welcome to Fillyawie

What is Fillyawie?

Fillyawie is an accessorie line

We made and sale a handmade jewelry and accessories.
Our design were made of fabric's, wire, natural stone, natural beads and other stuff.

Who is fillyawie?

Fillyawie is a brand name, actually in English "filly" means = a young female horse or a humorous a lively girl or a young woman and Awie = is the designer's name. so it means = awie the humorous a lively girl.

Fillyawie start and establish on august, 2009. our 1st services is  designed a hand made accessories and sell it online and off line. But, at the end of 2010 Fillyawie start her new services and carrier. She was hired by one of Government Agencies to teach a hand made accessories Class.She made a simple curriculum and method about how to made an accessories using different subject and material.

Lately, fillyawie add a new services in her work. She's taking a request to design a customized design. Fillyawie try to make a kind of a kind design or mass production accessories for wide range of consumer. for a fashion Label,special occasion or special people with special design according to consumer desires/wish. 

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